Stand Up ‘N Shine: Empowerment is the Heart of Trace

julho 21, 2021

Trace has defined a new mission, to entertain and empower our people to stand up ‘n shine. 

What does it mean to stand up and shine? We’ll show you. 

This brand film was produced in South Africa by Trace Studios in collaboration with Visual Content Gang. Written, directed and produced by Batandwa Alperstein, it brings to life the brand’s meaningful mission and is the first step in communicating the mission and the products and services that Trace has created to fulfil this mission.

 Trace believes in Afro-Urban youth and culture. It’s for this reason that we have dedicated our efforts to creating tools and platforms to empower youth and artists to succeed. Trace CEO; Olivier Laouchez, CMO; Prescillia Avenel and the cast and crew of the TVC share their thoughts on the message behind the brand’s new tagline ‘Stand Up N Shine’


With a media presence across 180 countries of 26 TV channels, 100 FM and digital radio stations, 3 digital empowerment platforms, 10 studios, and social media communities 350 million strong, Trace is more than a media powerhouse, we are a global platform dedicated to Afro-Urban cultures and youth success. 

To find out more about our empowerment initiatives or to join us on this meaningful journey, get in touch with us and help us empower young people to Stand Up N Shine. 

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